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The Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL) Feasibility of Recovering Rare Earth Elements program is currently heavily focused on developing cutting edge extraction, separation and recovery technologies for the production of rare earth elements (REEs) and critical materials (CMs) from coal and coal refuse piles. This RD&D program consists of developing process and production technologies, environmental management, and field materials sampling and characterization, along with systems integration, optimization and efficiency improvements to produce REEs and CMs from coal and coal by-products streams, such as coal and coal refuse, clay/sandstone over/under-burden coal seam materials, power generation ash and aqueous effluents as acid mine drainage (AMD) sludge.

It is prudent to utilize carbon-reserve feedstock material for REE and CM extraction, which is readily available as surface mine material. It requires no disruption to current landscapes and both mitigates and improves ecological and environmental concerns by utilizing the available product and repurposing it.

Additionally, it would recreate thousands of jobs for the unemployed and revive depressed communities throughout the Appalachian region which is home to some of the richest reserves of rare earth elements and critical metals in the world.

By utilizing carbon reserves in concert with REE (rare earth elements ) and CM (Critical Material) we believe we have a “win-win” philosophy at PMO Virginia.
PMO Virginia’s primary vision is to add value to carbon by reinvention and by continuing to discover innovative, economic ways to utilize this extremely valuable national treasure .

The possibilities are limitless- REE’s & critical materials, activated carbon, synthetic graphite production, marine fuel, liquid fuel, steel production, carbon foam, topsoil, cement manufacturing, the list is long.
Public education is necessary for the industry in order to continue sourcing the value that carbon products offer . The carbon industry has adjusted and reinvented itself in so many positive necessary ways.
Carbon and other energy sources will continue to evolve even stronger with new resources to offer in an energy hungry world. There is no "one size fits all" in the world's energy sector, and probably never will be. We at PMO Virginia we believe in continued research and development working with our fossil fuel brothers and sisters to create a rebirth of clean, affordable energy and innovation the world has yet to see.

Goals: Clean carbon technology. We are committed to continue researching and helping the environment the most beneficial, economical and expeditious methods in our carbon reserves to extract REEs & CMs to help ensure a sustainable, uninterrupted REE & CM supply chain and critical battery metals.

Company Ethos: It’s crucial that governments, investors and industry work together in an agnostic policy setting, to achieve the successful deployment of clean carbon technology. Mines of all types must be committed to work in collaboration with their local communities & economic structures to ensure decisions which impact them are ethical, ecological and chosen with care.

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